#1 Dishonored 2 Safe Codes BEST Safe Combo [Jan-2021]

Dishonored 2 safe codes

Hey, do find it difficult to unlock the safe? And you are not able to find the right combinations. Opening safe and finding the right combo is not a piece of cake. But don,t worry now here we are revealing the hidden secrets of safe combinations. There are a lot of Dishonored 2 safe codes. We are damn sure it will help you to unlock the safe.

Dishonored 2 safe codes

So that you can go further Dishonored 2 walkthrough the game, but make sure you have to keep in mind that you use these combinations properly in the game. If you don’t do it you may not succeed to unlock the safe in Dishonored 2.it will spoil your gaming experience, we don,t want that to happen.

So read them properly and apply in the correct sequence and unlock the safe.

Find Dishonored 2 safe codes  combinations and location

1.The good doctor 


The excellent doctor safe must be in the lobby of Addermire Institute .it will be a little tough to find the safe doctors safe. To go at the wall of light, you should use blink or far reach. Proceed further look for abandoned wing when you enter to the wing.you will find here two safes there and only one will open.

Here you will see the dead body of a guard killed over the floor near the safe. Keep moving ahead and enter inside the room. You will see here the combination of secure code written on the paper. Now there is a safe twist code written over the note is wrong or blank. You will not access the safe.

Dr.Vosko,s office is right up there located in the disease treatment wing. He surely has the right combination with him.Dr. Vosko is always with Dr Hypatia situated in a small corridor with the main operating room. Ask Vosko for safe code combination. He will give you the right combination from his note.

He always carries a letter which has a safe code combination written on it. Now reach to safe and unlock it. Use this strategy for Dishonored 2 safe combinations to open doctor,s safe.

2. Overseer safe office | Dishonored 2 secure codes


On the 3rd floor, you will find the Overseer office. Explore the overseer safe in this floor of the building. Here in this building with the conjoining room. You will observe seven scriptures in front of you. Now figure out that right combination is hidden behind which of these scriptures. Proceed next and look for the mix.

Keep yourself safe here in building you have enough firepower to fight with the inquisition or don’t mess with them. Next, to the big large room, you will see the note kept on the desk. After that pick this note up and take reference also from the seven scripture smartly. That’s how you can get the right combination. Now use this code combination to unlock the overseer safe. So you can succeed to open the overseer safe.

3. A long day in a Dun wall


Near the dun well tower, there is Dr Galvani’s lab. Leave the dun well tower and keep going ahead. On entering inside the lab, you can easily find Dr.Galvani,s safe .look for the painting of Lady Boyle on the wall. Go to the picture and look for the secure combination code on the backside of the art.

Take off this painting hung on the wall. The combination safe would be written on it. The safe combination code must be 451. Now reach up to the safe and break the safe by applying the law code. Once you access the safe, you will get rewards in it. Don,t stop here move ahead find next safe.

4.The royal conservatory


In the dishonoured 2 the royal conservatory is a strong superstructure. This building is situated inside the cyria garden. The building is surrounded by guards too also called as the Grand serkonan guard. These guards are deployed here to defend the whole location and city.They also keep an eye on blood flies to confront with them. Inside the building, there are blood flies with nest keeper.

These blood flies are so destructive build evil fleshed nests inside the dead bodies inside the empty dissipated houses. You have to be care full of them to reach the safe. Because if survivor got bitten by these blood flies, it could cause deadly fever. Royal conservatory safe is situated across this building.

Once you find the safe. Now search for the black marketer, and purchase your combination. But if you don’t have the coin to pay him, you have to steal it from him.now  go back to the Royal conservatory safe. And apply the combination and unlock the safe. The royal conservatory is the 5th step in the mission of dishonored 2 .

5.Edge of the world


When you will reach to the third floor of the overseer building. This building is full of boat flies. The combination is secretly hidden inside the sculptures.you can take reference from the book to find out the safe. By reading this book, you can reach the safe. Then you will see the desk with a piece of note kept on it.

It will reveal the combination for you. The combination of code must be 137. But hold on a sec, it can be different for you. Now again look for the safe and apply this safe code combination over there to unlock it.

6. The dust district | Dishonored 2 secure codes


The dust district in the dishonored 2 was formerly known as batista mining. This is very puzzling there is a lock known as Jindosh lock but it is not any safe. If you want to unlock the door, you must be smart for it because it is not that easy. You can find your combination from Crone’s  Pub.

The Door of the black market its a lock again, not the safe. But the door inside the black market is with three digit combination code. To unlock it, you have to get the code from the vendor. So visit the vendor by cracking the door, push it with the force it will open up. Look for the calendar on the right side of the wall. You will see the code is marked up with a rounded circle. It must be three digit passcode only then you can go through.

7.The Clockwork mansion


The clockwork mansion of dishonored 2  inhibited by Jindosh. He is the inventor and creator of clockwork soldier. Also, he is the only founder and creator of the clockwork mansion. Look at the map and search for the building alleyway in the Aventa District. This district is located in the karnaca. You can find a safe after going up from the first to the second floor.

Find the safe in the apartment of civilians. And now look up for the combination code to unlock the safe. You will see s note on board, and code is hidden behind the unwanted recks of things. And the combination of a security system on it. The code will be two digit number. Now move ahead to a safe location and use the code over the safe and open it up once you finish the mission move instantly to the next mission.


8.The crack in the slab


The break in the slab mission stars at the Stilton Mansion, So step up to the stilton mansion inside the mansion. You can explore the Stilton mansion safe inside the hall. The mansion is owned by Aramis stilton, that’s why referred as Stilton mansion. On the map, you will find this mansion situated in the dust district.

This mansion is completely guardless; that’s why you can enter inside fearless. But its quite confusing to explore safely inside the hall. You must find a boiler,s room to find a stilton safe once you reach to the pot,s chamber. You will find safety in front of your head.but to crack the code you have to take time lap.

So that you can travel in the past with the help of time lap, and in the past and kill a wolf and throw it in the furnace .wait till the body burn entirely. Now again come back to present, now you going to find the code one safe. Put it in there, and doors of the safe will be opened. So this was the strategy to open the Stilton safe follow the guide according to the game.


9.The grand palace


Again you will get to see two safes at The magnificent palace. There is a safe in the Winslow Safe Company store. This safe is on the third apartment, only by crossing this phase you will reach to the grand palace. Let’s keep moving forward. You will see the safe in the large room. After that, move towards the right side.

You find the picture hung on the wall near the safe. Have a focus on the snap of the image. You can reveal the combination of the safe. This combo should be in three digits. So this must be 123, Unlock the safe fast. You have unlocked only one safe second one is still opened. Now let’s find the First captain,s safe.

Go to the second apartment of the grand building palace. Enter inside the room search for the safe it will be in the back side of captain,s suit. Once you find it now looks for the security code. Find it in officer,s room. You are going to see a note on the desk. And the safe code is written on this paper. Return to the safe and use this code to open it up.



10. Death to the Empress | Dishonored 2 safe codes


After the accomplishment of all missions in dishonored 2.Survivor will reach to the last mission. So death to the empress is the last and ultimate mission of the game. In this mission, usually, there is safe seems to be found. Moreover, move to Dr Galvani safe once more. And you will find the reliable the combination there. But there. Instead of this survivor must enter to the dun well tower.


This mission is the toughest part of the game. Entering the dun wall tower is not easy its under the dynasty of the dun wall family. Be careful while coming inside after entering inside the dun well tower. You must mortalize Dilah kaldwin, the former queen. She is now known as the Dilah copperspoon.

She is the great daughter of the ultimate king, Euhorn kaldwin. Euhorn was the undefeated crown king of the Isles territory. And the descendant of the kaldwin bloodline lineage. Once you tackle her by defeating her only, then you can eliminate her and bring back the crown. Thus you can complete your final mission.

The conclusion 

Dishonered  2  is an extraordinary action-adventure video game. Based on the story of Corvo. So the whole video game revolves around Corvo. There are lots of other characters in the game that plays a significant role in the game. The Corvo s the former super guard of his Empress named Jessamine kaldwin.

He is the principal survivor in the gameplay, owns so many superpowers and fully loaded weapons. Corvo got conspired in the murder of his Empress. And framed as a murderer of the Empress. Now he wanted to take revenge relentlessly.

Eventually, he has to accomplish these missions above, after that. To complete the several tasks, he needs to go for each mission separately. So that he can complete these missions, in each mission. There is a safe and required a right combination to unlock the safe. Without the right combination or safe code, he will not be able to open the safe. So given above the complete dishonored 2 safe combinations and guide to unlock.


Comment down if you find this guide helpful for you. So these all are the Dishonored 2 safe codes and their combination. This information will help you to find the dishonoured 2 safe combinations. Stay happy and enjoy the game. Thank you.

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