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Hostgator coupon

HostGator is an incredible great web hosting provider, spending your money in HostGator to purchase hosting is 100% worth it. It is one out of ten the best Hosting serve online companies around the world. In addition, Providing here best Hostgator coupon, all updated and verified by the HostGator,

Also, explore some tempting deals & offers to get more discounts and save money on the best powerful web hosting and domains.

hostgator coupon

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Best Hostgator coupon codes & deals for new and existing users 

  • (Web Hosting) HostGator Coupons

Now its time for you to get a free and massive discount on Web Hosting So check out all of these Hostgator coupons and choose the best one suitable for you and buy Web Hosting with great discount here is the first one.

Hostgator Webhosting at 60% off up to 36 months

Hostgator coupon –  SHARED3660

  • Click on the promo code and go directly to purchase.
  • Grab the massive discount of 60 % by Hostgator on this unique purchase coupon code.
  • Fill the detail over there and sign up yourself on the official website.
  • Get free instant Host Gator account activation.
  • In any case, if the customer is not satisfied with the services, get a money-back guarantee within 45 days after purchase.
  • Also, get free Email support customer support and live chat.


  • (Cloud Hosting) Hostgator coupon code

Get free Hostgator coupon codes with special discounts & get a free cloud hosting with a huge discount during purchase time. Choose the coupon code and take advantage of these offers now.

Get Free 45% off on cloud hosting

HostGator Coupon – CLOUD3645

  • Click on the Hostgator coupon without going anywhere.
  • Get a free discount of 45 % off on cloud hosting on Hostgator
  • Get free support by Hostgator official services.
  • The free discount will be valid up to the next 36 months.
  • Apply discount code now for free.


  • (Dedicated hosting) Hostgator coupon

Add now free & exclusive coupon code and get the free discount applied on purchasing a dedicated hosting by Host Gator. Click on the free HostGator discount code below and get a powerful server for yourself

Get a free discount of 60% off for dedicated hosting

Hostgator coupon code -SNAPPYD2

  • Just click over the given free discount code above from here.
  • Get a dedicated hosting plan for 36 months of validation from Hostgator.
  • Grab a massive & free discount up to 60% by applying the coupon code
  • Also free live Support from Hostgator official staff after purchase.
  • Sign up now and apply the Hostgator special official coupon from us.
  • Get your authoritative server to control.


  • (Reseller Hosting) free Hostgator coupon

Are you looking for a reseller hosting plan? HostGator provides the best reseller hosting, Also get free HostGator coupon code below and get a free discount on by reseller hosting from here & boost your income. Check out below and buy now.


Get discount up to 58% on Reseller Hosting

Hostgator Coupon – SNAPPYR192424

  • Click on the given code and visit directly to HostGator signup page.
  • Sign up and proceed to purchase reseller hosting.
  • Get a free discount of 58% on your purchase after transection.
  • Get 45 days money back guaranty only with the Hostgator coupon.
  • Grab this offer now and enjoy a free discount from HostGator.


  • (VPS Hosting) Hostgator coupon 

VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) is very impressive and powerful hosting server, Here below you will get access to Hostgator VPS hosting server as well as huge discount as freebies, Only if you will use the exclusive  Hostgator coupon code. Hurry up buy the upgraded VPS hosting directly from automatically by clicking down on the code.

And Coupon code will automatically apply you just need to sign up and make the transaction and enjoy the hosting with a free discount, So its time to save money.


Get up to 75%  off on VPS hosting

Hostgator coupon code – SNAPPYV2

  • To buy this hosting click on this Hostgator coupon code above.
  • Get 75% off on purchasing VPS hosting from here by applying code.
  • Also, get free validation of discount to next 36 months after purchase,
  • Get full root access & customization in your hands.
  • Get the code and enjoy the hosting and save some money.


  • (WordPress Hosting) Hostgator coupon code

 Looking For best WordPress hosting with discount. Now you at the right place save your money by using the exclusive WordPress hosting from here. On purchasing WordPress hosting you will get a considerable good amount of discount from Hostgator. Just click on the Hostgator coupon without going anywhere and make the deal today


Grab now 56% 0ff on WordPress hosting 

Hostgator Coupon -SNAPPYW579

  • Hostgator coupon code will be automatically applied by clicking on coupons.
  • Get 56% of a massive discount instant after transection.
  • Get free live customer support by Hostgator.
  • Apply the coupon code today to get the deal.


  • (Gator website Builder)Hostgator coupon code

Now get Free discount on purchasing Gator website builder from here. Using Hostgator website builder is very simple. Above that save huge money with buying the website builder from Hostgator busing Hostgator coupon from here. Save Good chunk of money only by clicking below on coupon now.

Get up to 50% of massive discount on Hostgator Website Builder

Hostgator coupon -GATOR384

  • Click on the coupon to get a discount.
  • Get 50% on website builder by Hostgator.
  • Get 50% off till next 36 months validation by Hostgator.
  • Click on the Hostgator coupon and grow your online business by website builder.


  • (Hostgator Domain) Hostgator coupon

Get Exclusive hot discount on purchasing domains whatever suits you or domains of your choice from Hostgator. Choose a good domain by click on the Hostgator coupon code and get free discount and save some money.

Get free discount 20% off on any domain

Hostgator coupon code -DOTCOMSUPERDEAL 

  • click over the coupon code to buy domain
  • Choose domain and get flat 20% off at any domain.
  • Get free support by Hostgator.
  • Buy your favourite domain now, and get a free discount.

How to apply the HostGator coupons & deals?

Host gator is providing its premium web hosting & domain services all over the world with free user support. But the services are a bit costly, and it can be a little struggling for some people, as a solution you can use these coupon codes directly from here. Check out the following steps to apply exclusive Hostgator coupon codes & deals.

  • Click on the given promo code above of your choice you will be directly redirected to the official Host Gator page.
  • Check out the overall sum of all the purchase associated with the Hostgator coupon code redeemed.
  • Fill the transaction billing info details accurately, with valid information and proceed to the checkout now.

Now Hostgator services are ready to serve you best services. For the next 36 months with free support. But Hostgator coupons can be only utilized once by the new Hostgator Users. Discounts and deals & offers are only available for new users. 


what type of services does HostGator offers?

Hostgator offers a wide variety of great & convenient Hosting services to its customers all around the world, Host Gator is providing its hosting services since 2002 and becomes an Inc.listed company in 2008 Now it’s one of the top hosting providing companies in the world.

Types of web hosting Provided by HostGator-

  •  Cloud Hosting Hostgator Service
  •  Reseller Hosting Host Gator Service
  • Web hosting Host Gator Service
  • Word press  Hosting Host Gator Service
  •  VPS Hosting Host Gator Service
  • Dedicated Hosting Host Gator service
  •  Windows Hosting Host Gator Service
  • Host Gator Application Host Gator Service

Hostgator Domains Services

  • Register domains
  •  Manage Domains
  •  Transfer Domains 

Information About Hostgator Hosting Services

1.Hostgator Cloud Hosting Service


Manage your work with premium Hostgator Cloud hosting services & double the speed. The cloud hosting server is a high-speed server, and it will speed up your websites and boost the load speed of the website.

It can be used for multiple domains. Cloud hosting is straightforward to handle, helps to bring more conversion and traffic to the website. It provides more security to the site and makes it secure.

It is the more reliable and handles unlimited traffic easily in the servers, and has full site backup.


Take a glance of Cloud hosting Features

  • Cloud’s high-performance dashboard controls website performance and handles the traffic.
  • Optimizes the speed of the website with a highly encrypted configuration.
  • Host gator cloud hosting is highly secure, copy customers,s data in triplet forms into numerous devices with data mirroring.
  • Gives facility of  C- panels, with the auto formation of account with just one click.
  • Get Automatic server transfer, and if any kind of issue occurs, it sifts the website automatically to another server.

Cloud Hosting Plans Offered

Host gator Cloud Hosting offers a different type of exclusive programs for everyone, check out the plans below-


Cloud Business plan Hatchling Plan Cloud Cloud Baby Plan
Free Discount 45% off 45% off discount 45% off discount
Free SSL certificate provided provided free SSL Certificate  Free SSL Certificate Provided
Get Free of cost SEO tools  Get Free of cost SEO tools  Free of cost SEO tools included
Unlimited Domains access Only One Domain offered Unlimited Domains access
6 GB storage + 6 core CPU 2 GB storage + 2 Core CPU 4 GB storage + $ Core CPU Free

Why should you choose Hostgator cloud Hosting?

Already mentioned the most incredible & exclusive key features and specialities of cloud hosting above. Cloud Hosting is the best hosting available on Host Gator. It is effortless and convenient to use this hosting and comes with lots of free tools and certification.

Also, the plans mentioned above are available at discounted prices and very affordable for almost everyone. The cloud  Hosting can speed up your business double, and it is more secure too than another hosting. This hosting boosts the performance of the websites, connected with it. It is more reliable for every user and highly trusted Hosting services by the customers.


2.Hostgator Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a unique hosting service, which offers the user to build or create its own hosting company or services, with the help of Reseller hosting.

Ultimately reseller hosting allows an individual to create its clients, for its services with no extra maintenance cost. This hosting is specially build to earn money through it, by providing web hosting to your clients, from providing domains to certificates to the clients.


Main features of Reseller Hosting 

  • Reseller Hosting comes with 99% of the uptime guarantee.
  • It is provided with WHM controlling Panel, which includes multi-language.
  • The free logo of the company, Access to the total control Account, DNS, etc.
  • Provides Unlimited database to the user with a programming facility.
  • Reseller Hosting comes with mail featuring properties.
  • C – the panel is fully controlled by the user in reseller hosting with the latest feature included.


 Reseller Hosting Plans offered

Hostgator Reseller Hosting provides three types of hosting plans to the users-

 Silver Plan   Copper Plan   Aluminium Plan
58% off discount Available 41% off Discount Available 33% off  Discount Available
Get FREE of cost SSL certificate FREE of cost SSL certificate FREE of cost SSL certificate
Get FREE unlimited domains provided FREE unlimited domains provided FREE unlimited domains provided
Disk space of 140 GB 90 GB Disk space  60 GB Disk space 
1400 GB Bandwidth 900 GB bandwidth 600 GB bandwidth
Get email features Get email features email features

Why Reseller Hosting?

Because it costs nothing to create your web hosting services and start your business to earn money, Provides customers free monitoring services, also with a free account of reseller club after purchasing the reseller hosting. 100% Money-back guarantees within 45 days after buying the services and offering a massive discount and opportunity.

Get free  WHMCS  client management system with the software, Free emailing features. Presents an opportunity o start your hosting services or any other services. Get a fully controlled C – panel with the latest updates.  Now earn money by providing hosting services to the other customers by yourself and scale up your business to the next level by reseller Hosting services.


3.Web Hosting HostGator Service

Web hosting is also known as shared web hosting, apparently. Most of the newcomers start with shared web hosting. Usually, it is considered enough to handle your initial traffic. Host gator shared web hosting associates with fantastic tools with lots of key accessories. At one click, customers can easily create their store, or website, with free themes, by perfect use of website builder.


Get huge no. of free applications within the shared web hosting & has excellent compatibility with software. Shared Web hosting can handle lots of websites through a  single web server hosting. And has excellent flexible speed, anyone one can quickly scale a business using shared web hosting.


Main key Features of Web Hosting Services

  • Web hosting offers a nimble & high-quality app to the user.
  • Web hosting service is easily manageable and very simple to handle with the most straightforward control panel.
  • Provides exclusive programming module, and free access to admin to PHP.
  • Stops spamming, with the best security system of the company.
  • Shared web hosting is compatible with top hosting applications.
  • Also, get unmetered bandwidth along with web hosting.
  • Get free speed-boosting to your multiple websites.


Shared web hosting best plans

Check out the best hosting plans offered by Host Gator-


 Business Plan  Baby Plan Hatchling Plan
Get a massive discount 60% off Free massive discount 60% off Get a gigantic discount 60% off
Free  SSL certificate Free SSL certificate Offers Free SSL certificate
Get free unlimited pages Unlimited pages Free unlimited pages
Free application Installation  Get free application Installation Also, get free applications installation
Free SEO tools  Offers  No SEO tools Offers No SEO tools 
No 100$ Google Adwords adds No 100$ Google Adds 100$ Google Adwords adds


Why Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting offers free to restore and back up for the customers. Get your data updates on a daily basis. It includes safety features like Code guard, Website lock, etc. To keep your data safe and secure completely. Are you struck to pick the best plan, we prefer to select the baby plan of shared web hosting plan.

The baby plan provided everything that an ideal website requires to grow and work properly at discounted and cheap rates. Or apply HostGator coupons to get more discounts. Also, it is user-friendly with simplified C – panel control. It comes with free programming databases.

Moreover, there are more than 100 templates & images are available, with free transfer of files, domains, and so much more. Get 52 + encrypted installation fr free,& also associates  100$ google and Bing adds credited to scale up the business. Hurry up you can start with shared web hosting now.



4.Hostgator WordPress Hosting 

The WordPress hosting is also the best hosting it runs your website at lightning speed and Increases the page load speed also very user-friendly. The site can be easily transferred to WordPress hosting without any help.

WordPress hosting will enhance the traffic to your website and also manage your content. With WordPress hosting services, any user can double the earning in a concise span, with a legitimate way.


Best features of WordPress Hosting 

  • Get 2.5 times more page load speed featured on WordPress web hosting.
  • Free Back up and restores on one click with support.
  • Get access to multiple email accounts associated with the WordPress hosting only.
  • Easily transferrable website to the WordPress hosting in Hostgator.
  • One more feature is getting the super speed and top security along with the hosting
  • Get an increased amount of traffic with organic visitors, with free customer support available.


The best plans offered by WordPress hosting

 Business Plan Standard Plan  Starter Plan
Get an exclusive discount of  57% off Get a free discount of 50% off The free discount of 40% off
Free 3 GB backup Offer Free 2GB backup Get Free 1GB backup
Visitors limit 500K per month 200K per month visitors  100k visitors Limit monthly
Free google adds worth  100$ Google free adds 100$ Free google adds 100$
Access 3 websites Get to Access 2 websites Only Access 1 website


Why to Buy WordPress Hosting?


WordPress hosting is preferred to the users who want to target a vast audience and want to drive more traffic to the websites. Even each plan consists of free SSL certificates.

WordPress Hosting is available for every type of user. Also, its plans are available at a very affordable price includes a massive discount available on every project. It gives the lighting fat boosting speed to the website, also known for its fast loading speed.

Hostgator customer support

Everyone comes with limited no of sites access and finite monthly traffic limits. So choose carefully according to the experience and your niche. This hosting is specially made according to WordPress users. Its sober and straightforward control panel makes it easier to use for every customer.


 5. Hostgator VPS Hosting 

VPS  hosting is known for its customization. Also, It can be customized and scale the website rapidly. This hosting service is made to handle a complex situation with high traffic. Virtual private Server offers more control over the site and with more customization for better ranking.

It is considered for the users who cross the initial stage and getting a lot of traffic to the website and want more control and update on the site, and This website hosting also performs better than shared web hosting & WordPress web hosting at average affordable price. VPS hosting consists of a powerful server with modern functionality.

Main features of the VPS hosting

  • This hosting provides ultimate substantial control over the website functionality.
  • It is fully loaded with highly secure and fast working tools, to help in customization
  • Provides network security with an abundance of  HVAC units.
  • Offer more power & control over the hosting and website automatically.
  • Provides off-site backups every week to the website.
  • Maximize website efficiency to work correctly.


Hostgator VPS Hosting Plans Available


  8000 snappy plan    4000 snappy  plan  2000 snappy plan
Exclusive discount of 73% off  Free discount offered 75% off Free discount available 75% off
This plan provides four core CPU  The plan provides two core CPU   The plan offers two core CPU 
Provides disk space of 240 GB Offers disk space of 165 GB Provides disk space of 12 GB
Includes free feature advanced Yes Includes advances free server feature Also includes advanced server feature
RAM available 8 GB 4 GB RAM  4 GB RAM 
Include strong hardware Includes strong cutting edge Hardware Also, include robust cutting edge hardware


Why to use VPS Hosting?

There are numerous robust reasons why you should prefer VPS hosting, and it can be chosen according to the needs of an individual. Also, most of the valid and robust reasons are given key features of VPS hosting read them. Moreover, This hosting is used to get full control of the website.

It’s the virtual private server with powerful hosting, Offers a bunch of extra features to improve the performance of the site, And scale up your business very fast. This hosting service comes with an advanced hosting server, which supports the website virtually, and every plan consists of the best line of network.

It comprises of manual migration of the site to the server. Also, give full hardware and software supports. Also, get a free money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the services within the 45 days after buying the hosting services

In case if you won’t need this hosting over, you can go for the server which meets the requirements according to your business niche. Instead of that if you want to scale up your website and want more control, then go for this hosting service.



6. Hostgator dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting provides an advanced level of management to the users. Dedicated hosting only works for the physical website servers, and it faster than shared web hosting. It maximizes the performance of the website, and this hosting can bear tons of traffic coming from all over the world.

This hosting includes working with the massive server, so this type of hosting is used for the more prominent websites that are getting tons of traffic every single day, also associated with own customization, flexibility & backups.

Some  main features of dedicated hosting

  • This Hosting service can handle unlimited databases, with a high-speed network.
  • The user gets full root access by the dedicated hosting services.
  • This service Optimizes any traffic coming from everywhere to the site.
  • Provides high security to the website database with safety.
  • Automatic control over the c panel and customization over the hosting & site.
  • Maintains performance of the website automatically and protects from damage.
  • Get a free choice or choose an operating system to a website in a dedicated hosting service.

Dedicated Hosting Best Plan To  Buy

Enterprise Server Plan Power Server Plan Value Server Plan
Get 48 % off The free discount of 44% off  Exclusive 37% off discount
Get massive 30 GB RAM Available extensive 16 GB RAM Includes massive 8 GB RAM
Get eight-core 16 threads Free 8 core 16 threads Only four core eight threads
24\ 7 free support Get 24\ seven free support Offers 24\ seven free support
Get a free Unlimited database Get a free Unlimited database Geta a free Unlimited database


Why to choose Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is created to handle heavy million of traffic, and It depends on the users whether to choose an advance management hosting services and 100% performance of the featured website.

Or go with the usual hosting if website not getting massive traffic. Top popular games developers use dedicated hosting to access the full control f the gaming website and handle an enormous amount of traffic. The dedicated hosting offers website monitoring to check out the overall activities of the website.

A dedicated server is the best server as compared to the other hosting services. This hosting service included full control over the C- panel and application installation. The dedicated hosting has an automatic backup and restores automatically daily to keep the data safe and secure.



7. Hostgator Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is one of the best hosting services, and it comprises of upgraded hosting features. It also includes unlimited sub-domains handling, multiple email accounts, and an updated C control panel.

Windows hosting prevents the website from spamming and secures the site entirely. It also comprises of best tools helpful regards website and provides more than 4000 templates and free image libraries to the user. Also, get free scripts available in the windows hosting customization.


What are the main features of Windows Hosting services?

  • Get a free parallel  C panel for the convenience of the users.
  • Included   SQL Server 2008 R2 Microsoft with a user-friendly server.
  • This hosting service provides an ample no. of templates and huge no. of free scripts inbuilt.
  • The hosting offers websites admin with powerful easy to use free tools.
  • Hosting gives the incredible unique feature of hosting ASP to the admin.
  • Provides full technical support in the mainstream website problems.
  • Offers instant application hosting, with multiple mo. of applications.


Best Windows Hosting plans 


Windows Enterprise Hosting Plan Windows Personal Hosting Plan
Available 20% off on Hosting plan Free 20% off on hosting plan
Includes free Certification of SSL Also Includes The free certification of SSL
Also, get free unmetered disk Space Free unmetered disk space available
Discount offered for new user only discount available for only for new sign up
99 % 0f uptime guarantee from the company 99%% 0f uptime guarantee from the company
Free customization offered Free customization offered

Why to buy Windows Hosting service?

Windows Hosting has its customization, unlike other hosting services, prices are also not that high available at a meagre price that every person can afford. This hosting offers a free website builder to the buyer.

Here is another reason to buy this hosting it provides more than 38 scripts and SSL certificate for security purposes. Also, offer a money-back guarantee within 45 days of purchase.

Offers thousands of free template form website growth. Also, get access to unlimited databases email. Get free unlimited POP3 and lots of other mail features. They give a distinctive feature of offline data backup of the website.

8. Hostgator Application Hosting Service

Application hosting is one of the most prominent hostings from the past few years. If you want your services as fast as they can whatever you are serving as a service. Connect it with application hosting and get results by the application hosting. It gives free customization in the CMS application. Just click o installation and run your business very conveniently. Choose the affordable application hosting plan from here and start using services.

What are the advantage and key features of Application Hosting?

  • First of all, get free unlimited domains as you can connect to the hosting application service.
  • Everything is available one single click and install the app start using only.
  • More than 75 scripts are there available in the Hostgator application hosting
  • Anyone can transfer the website conveniently to the application hosting free of cost after purchasing the hosting.
  •  Provides free customer support overall the process ad after transfer.

Best application Hosting plans

 Bussiness Plan   

Baby Plan

Hatchling Plan
Exclusive 60% 0ff  Free & exclusive 60% off Get Free Discount of 60% off
Free Templates Free Templates available Include Free templates 
SSL certification Free SSL certification Free Include Free SSL certification 
Can access unlimited domains unlimited domains can be used only single domain access
Available Free Scripts Free Scripts available Offers  Scripts for free
Free SEO tool kit Not Available Not Available
Offers Discount for only new user Offers a discount for only new user Discount for only new user


Why To Buy Application Hosting?

Application web hosting is way better than another hosting, in terms of convenience. Also, it comprises of everything any app like WordPress hosting Joomla, Drupal Hosting, and so many other hosting applications can be customized with the help of application hosting. It can be accessed from your smartphone very easily. It offers free and unique features that are missing in other hosting services of HostGator. That’s why it is usually preferred to use as a hosting service.

9. Hostgator Website Builder

The website page builder is a kind of tool which helps to build a website without using codes. It helps you to customizes and develop your website according to you, with perfection.

It adds few elements, and templates or lots of other things you need with just dragging the icons simply. So by using the website page builder, you can build your shopping store or blog uniquely by adding your creativity.


advantages and unique Features of Website Builder

  • It comes with updated templates and other unique features.
  • Hostgator Page Builder is mobile friendly supports both android and ios devices.
  • A web page builder is compatible with every software.
  • It helps to improve the design of the website with live support.
  • This helps to sell online with analytics.


Checkout best website builder plans

ECommerce Plan Premium Plan Starter Plan
Buy now and Get 50% off  Now buy and Get 50% off Buy now and Get 50% off
Get free Unlimited Pages Free Unlimited pages  Get Free Unlimited pages
Free add voucher 200$ Add voucher 200$ Add coupon 200$
Get Drag and drop page Builder Drag and drop builder Get Drag and drop page Builder
E-commerce store build No  No

Why Website Page builder?

If you have a website page builder in your system, then you don’t need to learn or pay for coding, to build your website. You can do it on your own,

It saves your time in making your website or e-commerce store. It can help you to scale up your business easily online. You can check anything or any activity by using analytics. Also, you get free 200$ to run adds to scale up your business. It provides robust security to your website, with password protection. It gives you free storage. Start your own e-commerce business and build your store or blog now.

About Hostgator Domains

Now Resister domain on the Hostgator also HostGator allows managing domains and transfer domains. You can register and purchase your domain on HostGator at a meagre price.  The main advantage to transfer the domain is that you get n charges with hosting, almost free of cost you can easily manage your domains.

If you want to transfer the domain, it takes  5-7 days to transfer your domain to the Hostgator. It is secure to transfer your domain to HostGator. And remember Hostgator only accept 60-days old domain. This means your domain should be more and two months old only then it can be transferred to Hostgator.

hostgator coupon 90 off

If you have registered your domain or transferred your domain on Hostgator, it renews automatically you don’t need to think about the time limit or domains expire. Hostgator can manage domains with their world,s best management and has a free dashboard with a control panel.

So what are you waiting for?  book your domain and hosting from Hostgator now


 SSL certificate in Hostgator

SSL certificate is also known as a secure certificate. It is one of the essential certificate required for security purposes. This certificate proves the mode of communication and customer,s data encryption between the Hostgator and the user.

Anybody who uses Hostgator services or hosting must have the SSL certificate for security. If you don’t have this certification, then it can be directly downloaded from Google chrome and firefox.

This certificate secures your personal information like payment gateways and your address, which can be used for bad intentions by hackers. So it is necessary to have an SSL certificate. Otherwise, you can get into trouble.

In case if you are not using your payment through credit or debit card, making the transaction through PayPal or other international payment gateways, then you don’t require an SSL certificate. So be careful about the SSL certificate if you are using your card payment method.

HostGator Other services

Hostgator consists of other services required to maintain the performance of the website Checkout below these services-

Codeguard Service

It is a premium security service created by the Hostgator primarily to protect the User,s website from spamming, hacking, etc. It automatically creates a backup daily. Thus provides high security and safety o the website. And check the activity of the website automatically.

You can purchase this service at a very affordable price of 2 $ from Hostgator. And get three restores and daily backups per month. Thus you can keep your website safe. This feature notifies you through the notification if any issue arises within the website. This service offers free storage of 1 GB, and you can use this service up to the five sites.

PPC Service

This an advertising service which can increase rapidly your earning, by improving the performance and functionality of the website. This service is able to get more leads for you in your business online.

It helps you to increase the traffic on the site to bring more conversion through AdWords advertising management. Here experienced AdWords experts create campaigns for you and make a profit for you. You will get a team to increase your revenue modal.


Premium SEO Services

It also gives premium SEO services to improve your sites ranking on google. Lots of people start their websites after a lot of expenses and disable to improve their ranking due to lack of SEO knowledge and become Nostalgic.

Hostgator provides the team of SEO experts that will improve the rankings of your website, include backlinks building on-page SEO and off-page SEO they do it all, as a part of SEO.

Hostgator gives you a complete strategy on Search Engine Optimization and improving tips for your website. Along with it, they also provide their customers with content creation with well-optimized SEO.

They will help you in SEO, and optimization of your website, so that it can derive massive traffic and earn a good chunk of money through your website easily. Also, anyone can get a free SEO  review for their websites,   contact at (844) 218-7515. 


Hostgator Website Designing Services

Get Hostgator web designing services, design your website by the best team of website designers from Hostgator itself. If you are new and not able to design your site, then HostGator can do it for you, and design your website.

Also, the websites designed by the HostGator web designing themes are mobile-friendly well-optimized and user-friendly. Host gator gives this service to the admin of the websites at meagre prices.

Hostgator web designer experts give a premium touch to your website, Also add lots of premium features to the website. Add templates also. They give you personal assistance to grow the traffic on the website.

Also provides training to you so you can learn more about the strategies to grow your site. So design your website with the best services all over the world with expert web designers.

Why to choose Hostgator services?

Hostgator is one of the top Hosting and providing their services since 2002. Now this online Hosting company has become the most trusted hosting company. Top websites use hosting from Hostgator. We recommend everyone to choose Hostgator because –

  • Hostgator is compatible with any software and can be used very quickly. Moreover, it provides its hosting and other services at affordable prices with discounts. The company does not offer to host services only.
  • They also provide other plans and services like SEO Codeguard service, Web designing, and PPC lack by the other hosting companies.
  • Unlike hosting it also provides Domains for the website. Also, you can register and transfer your old domain to the Hostgator. It renews your domain automatically if it gets expired. Provides Protection against the hacker and gives SSL certificate to its customers.
  • Hostgator gives a 99% uptime guarantee to the Users. And if any customer does not want to use their hosting, then HostGator gives the money-back guarantee within 45 days after purchasing the hosting service. It offers a free trial of 45 days to the new customers.
  • This hosting company was once listed in the world,s most popular magazine INC. At 21 positions more for its rapid growth in the US. At that time the company has gained huge popularity.
  • Hostgator provides special customer services to solve the customer’s queries and provide support to the customers 24 hours. You can contact by live chat to the customer care services to get live support. Host gator consists of the best experts who are always ready to help you.

Some more reasons to choose Hostgator

  • They have the fastest servers which enhance the performance and functionality of the website. The hosting services provided by them are the best hosting services in the world. Hostgator consists of award-winning hosting services.
  • It provides customization over the control panel and gives full control to the control panel. It also offers the best hardware services along with your website, with live support. Only Hostgator provides special discount offers to customers with massive discounts and cashback.
  • Hostgator is the only hosting company that provides SEO services to the customers to help them with SEO strategies. It offers the best SEO experts to improve the website SEO and turns the website into the high earning website with great revenue.
  • It offers web designing by the skilled website designer to the user at meagre prices, To improve the overall look of the website. They make your website look professional that others can not do.
  • Hostgator do the 24-hour monitoring of your web site, also provides the daily back according to the hosting services. It also protects the website from external damage. Provides unlimited mail features with most of the Hosting Services to the admin.
  • It provides a unique MySQL programming database, also free programming modules like CPAN, GD Library that help in maintenance f the website. Hostgator hosting installation is too quick can manage the huge amount of traffic coming from external sources.
  • It has separate plans for its alternative customers. Most of the hosting services come with upgraded unique Pre-built features. Also, give free and automated off-site features, which recovers the damage of the website.
  • It offers thousands of templates free of cost for website customization along with the latest themes. And lots of other specifications are provided to the admin.

Hostgator Achievements  and certifications

Hostgator has done tremendous achievements over the last few years. The company is well known for its authenticity and work ethics. Hostgator hosting is really appreciated by the critics of different organizations and referred to it as the best hosting. Let’s have a look at its awards and certifications.


  1. In 2016 the company was announced as the best hosting service by the Hosting service. Hostgator has the fastest server for hosting also has a rating of 5 stars for its best hosting service. It has a large no. of servers that can handle massive traffic.
  2. WP beginner rated 5 stars to the Hostgator for the best web hosting for the businesses in WordPress. They recommend this hosting to business brands
  3. PCMAG mentioned that it provides the best tools and services for your website.t its other services can help customers to grow  site organically and bring the lead generation,
  4. The company has received an honour from WP beginner for the best customer services. It helps its customers overall the journey foe their Hosting services with technical support.
  5.  In 2016  one of the world top magazine PC has been honoured the Hostgator with the editor,s Choice award. it has received these awards for its best-dedicated web, and WordPress hosting plans at affordable prices all over the world.


Certification offered to the customers

Hostgator offers various certificates to the users for their security and privacy. It offers SSL or security certificate to the user to protect the payment information and personal data information. Hostgator offers SSL positive and commodo certificate alternatively. This certificate is compulsory for Hostgator service users.

Hostgator Main Specifications

Host Gator Mainly after proving its hosting and other services, it provides lots of technical specifications to its existing customers.

☑ For the special customers who bought the HostGator hosting services, it provides ASP and ASP net, it offers a unique feature in the WordPress website to enhance the performance of the website fast.

☑ The hosting need to be perfect in the case to run a growing website. Another special specification that HostGator provides is 99% uptime guarantee for better performance of the website.

☑ It provides unlimited free programming and database to the admin like MySQL, Microsoft SQL. It also offers a free management schedule task in WordPress.

☑ Besides the Hosting services, it offers to email feature to the website owner with emails accounts like POP3  and unlimited E-mail Aliases list for free.

☑  One of the best specifications is to provide Plesk C – panel which gives automatic URL redirection, Secrete Link protection, file management and lots of free applications. And free hosting assistance provided.

☑ Only Hostgator gives SSL certificate to the customers with the purpose of protection and safety of the customer,s important data. Above you can get complete information about the SSL certificate.

Unique Specifications

☑ Hostgator offers free SEO tools and thousands of free templates for customization to use. And full control to the C – panel to manage your website with the help of the template you can customize the website perfectly like a professional one.

☑ Along with the hosting it also provides unmetered bandwidth and free admin tools. these tools help for scalability and website management.

☑ This is the great specification of HostGator hosting, It gives off-site data backup on the website. With this specification, it restores important data lost from the website. It protects the overall data of the website and provides the best security.

☑ One more important specification of Hostgator hosting company is its automatic website builder, Its special feature is to customize your website without complicated  & complex coding. Along with that it also gives password protection for your accounts. 

Hostgator Customer, & experts Reviews

The best way to know about any company,s services or products is to read or check the customer,s review, Here are some of the customer,s honest opinion about the Hostgator hosting services and other hosting accept hosting.


Brad Smith 

Brad Smith is a Hosting expert, He wrote a review about Hostgator hosting and says that HostGator is one of the most fantastic hosting service providers for a long time, but what I like about them is they still improving their uptime. They have improved 99.8 % of the uptime from the past 2 years.

They have great support for their customers live chat is one of the unique customer support services in which they reply instant, and provides a valid solution to the customer. But one thing that disappoints me a lot is that its slow page loading, its average page loading speed is 1007 ms, but they are working on it simultaneously.


Ron wrote in his customer’s review that I bought hosting from HostGator, but literally, I have a bad experience as a customer, Because I got very poor customer support from Hostgator,s customer support team. Every time I talked with the customer executive they say that they didn’t know about what my problem is basically.

So it was a little disappointing for me. So that’s how they deal with their customers. But instead of that, I like the Hosting service of Hostgator, hosting provided by them is fantastic Also I like their SEO services too, It really helped me a lot and driven good traffic to my website.

The services offered by them are affordable for the first time but it gets a little high during hosting renewal next time. After the first time hosting the second time is not that good experience at all.

What are the modes of payment Hostgator accept?

Hostgator accepts payments in different forms. It accepts payment with debit and credit cards with the cards of MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express only. 

None of the other cards is accepted here. If the customer uses electric cards then HostGator also accept payment with the electric cards but not with all cards some electric card may not work here. Hostgator also receive payment with Paypal, it is the simplest way to pay money.

One more method to pay money is through Discover alliance, Pay with DC card and Dina cards these are also accepted by Hostgator as a payment model customer can also pay through the prepaid cards and gift cards to the hosting company by registering the card on their website to create a gift and prepaid cards.

Hostgator also accept payments through Checks and money order from any country. The customer can money order to this location with Domin ID and Email address.

5005 Mitchelldale St., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77092

What is the money-back policy?

Hostgator has a policy of 45-day money-back guarantee. Suppose if any customer is not satisfied with the services of HostGator, in that case, users can leave their services and request for money refund. Hostgator will refund the money. The money-back-guarantee is conditional in these cases given further. 

Hostgator money back policy

Money-back guarantee is only for shared and reseller hosting, In case of dedicated hosting money will not be refunded.according to the money-back guarantee policy it is only available for the first time users, not applicable for the existing users.

Also, the money will not be refunded to the customer if the trial period extends more than 45 days. To get the money refund instant customer needs to fill out the cancer form to quit the Hostgator account. Money spent on the domain transfer or domain registration will not be refunded.

what are the safety and security measures in Hostgator?

Host Gator has the best safety measures for the customer’s web server. Hostgator has DDoS feature to protect the server from hackers. If any kind of unhealthy activity like UDP flood is noticed by Host Gator, then it is directly restricted from the server.

Password protection is provided for your hosting and WordPress accounts. Also, the customer is provided with an SSL certificate to protect users’ personal data. Customers can also take some important steps to keep the server safer. Like, update the passwords and update scripts, etc.

What are the other services available at Hostgator?

Apart from hosting Hostgator also offers other services to the customer. It includes domain registration, Domain transfer, SEO services, and web designing service. All of these services are premium and offered at meagre prices at Hostgator. But no discount is available on these services from Hostgator.

what type of plans does HostGator offer?

Hostgator mainly offers three types of packages or plans for hosting services. It offers a Bussiness plan for the business websites with the heavy server created to handle massive traffic. After that it offers Baby plan, it is an average hosting plan and then omes Baby plan it for those who are beginning made to handle a limited amount of traffic.

Also, there are other plans. Hostgator provided a discount with each plan and each plan has its own limitations. In windows Hosting Hostgator offers Personal pan & enterprise plan to users with the free discount available.

What is C – panel in Hostgator?

C panel is basically a control management tool offered by the HostGator along with the hosting.C panel manage your hosting account it can control all the technical issues of the hosting account.

Every type of hosting has a C panel like web hosting VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. And with every hosting Along with the C panel user get complete control over the C -panel.

How to earn money with Hostgator?

On Hostgator, there is only a single way to earn money and that is the Hostgator affiliate program. yes now everyone can join the HostGator affiliate program and earn money by referring Hostgator to others.

There is no fee to join or sign up for the Hostgator affiliate program its absolutely free of cost for everyone. Simply just signup the program and start getting a commission from your referral sign-up.

You will earn 50$ per 5 sign and further you can earn 125$ from 21 sign up through your referral link. It depends on you how you share it with others you can use your own website to generate leads for the sign-ups on Hostgator.

Or you can utilize any other social medium to make the signup and earn money. To start earning money today with the Hostgator.

What is Hostgator offering with the hosting?

Hostgator gives an SSL certificate to the customer after sign up and buying hosting. It also claims 99.9% uptime guarantee. Gives unlimited Subdomains and email accounts to the new users.

It gives 45 days money-back guarantee to new hosting customers. It also provides off-site data back up. In off-site data back up Hostgator offers 20 GB. only for the dedicated servers, Hostgator does not provide any kind of offline data backup.

It also provides C panel back by just clicking the backup icon in C panel. After that, you can generate a backup for your website. Free hosting service monitoring. Free root access to C -panel and restore.

These are the free features offered with the Hostgator hosting from Hostgator to the customer. If you want more you can check out the other Hostgator features and pay for them.

Hostgator customer support

Hostgator provides fabulous customer support to the users. It has one of the best customer support executive team in the company. It gives free online website monitoring to the customer for 365 days. Along with that, it provides 200+   video form helping portal and blogs.

Hostgator give also customer help with contact and live chat. Customers can contact at this toll-free no. (866) 964 – 2867. The customer care services are 24 \7 active to help the customer. In the live chat, feature customers can discuss their queries in chat and get the solution. Login to the Hostgator account and get free support from anywhere anytime.


Finally, buy the best hosting service for your website, We have explained everything that a perfect hosting requires. I also checked the maximum perspective of hosting servers. And Hostgator is really good at each perspective.

Hostgator is great in terms of Hosting in terms of affordability and discounts and traffic handling. It is also available with the best plans for new customers.

It also has good customer reviews, and still holding as one of the best hosting service providers in the world. They also provide the best technical support. Finally, it wins from every perspective and strongly recommends this hosting.

Also, use the Hostgator coupon to get a free discount for yourself. Check out the plans and buy the best hosting suits you.

Comment down if any coupon code is no working, you can also share and bookmark us for more coupons and promo codes.

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