Hostgator vs Godaddy Comparison Best Hosting For Beginners FEB-2021

Hostgator VS Godaddy

IntroductionWelcome here we Hostgator and Godaddy both are incredible and outstanding hosting services providing company in the online marketplace. Here, we will do the detailed and thorough comparison between Hostgator vs Godaddy. Now both are ruling competitors in the online Web hosting industry. Mainly it will be helpful for beginners to choose the best hosting services out of both. Let’s know about Hostgator and Godaddy first and figure out.


Hostgator is a fantastic online hosting and domain services providing company. It was started by Brent Oxley in the university of Florida. He started the company from scratch in the year of 2002 now has turned into a giant hosting service company in Europe mainly.

Hostgator vs Godaddy

This hosting company is popular for its hosting services like shared hosting VPS etc. Other services like SEO assistance, domain registration, transfer, Management. It has massive and powerful servers to handle even unlimited traffic.

It has 112 customers in its initial year of 2003 which has increased extensively to 200000 in 2009. Nowadays Hostgator is offering lots of other services You can click here for Hostgator coupons for great discounts.

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Godaddy is a popular Inc. company that offers domain registration and alternative website hosting services to every country and continent. It is based in the US and its headquarter is situated in Arizona. Bob parsons founded the company in the year of 1997 in the US.

Hostgator vs Godaddy

The company has shown outstanding growth from the past 20  years, Currently, 9000 employees are working for Godaddy inc. The company has millions of customers around the world utilizing their incredible web hosting services and a lot of other services.

Did you know that the company has more than 62 million domains resisted by them till now? Godaddy offers a variety of tools and services like Online marketing tools, Bulk domain registrations, Web security, etc.

Hostgator vs Godaddy ( Detailed Comparison)

1.Pricing And Reliability

2. Uptime

3.Performance and speed


5.Money Back Policy

6. Web security

7.Customer,s Support

1. Pricing and Reliability


Hostgator has different plans according to customer’s requirements. Although its plans are good enough according to prices and reliability. It has three types of plans hatchling plan baby plan and business plan. It provides free customer support to the customers. The discount is only for the customers with fist time sign up.


1.Hatchling Plan- This plan starts at 2.75 $ per month offers only a single domain also offers a discount of 60% on this plan. This plan comes with a free SSL certificate and Unmetered bandwidth. The hatchling plan is best for beginners.

2.Baby Plan- The baby plan is the most reliable plan, to choose starts at 3.95$ per month it offers free 60% off discount on this plan and unlimited domains access, with unmetered bandwidth and SSL certification.

3. Business Plan- This plan is the most recommended plan by the Hostgator too to its users. Because the business plan starts at the meagre price of 5.95$ per month. The discount is the same as above 60% off on this plan.

This plan consists of most of the features, Like one-click installation, Unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL certification, Free Dedicated IP and Free SEO(search engine optimization) tools. The discount is the same as above 60% off on this plan.

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B. Godaddy

Godaddy has a different plan as well for its customers. The price range is affordable here too. Mainly GoDaddy offers four types of plans with own pricing and features. Godaddy has a plan for everyone, the fist plan it has is a personal plan then the second one is a business plan, third is Bussiness plus and fourth is an online store.

1. Personal plan– This the basic GoDaddy plan offer to its customer’s personal plan starts at 5.99$ per month with no social media integration. It includes a free SSL certificate, one-click installation, Mobile site responsive design and SEO.

2.Business Plan- Bussiness plan is a plan that starts with 9.99$ per month. This plan consists of responsive mobile design, SSL certificate and SEO tools, CDN, Social media integration and lots of other features included.

3. Business Plus Plan- Business Plus plan starts at 14.99$ per month this plan is recommended for beginners mostly. This includes free SSL, mobile responsive design, SEO, Social media integration, CDN, EMail marketing, Globally optimized speed like features.

4. Online stores or e-commerce plan- This plan starts at 19.99 $ per month with social media integration, SEO, CDN, Responsive mobile design, social media integration, email marketing, Free SSL certificate.GOS etc.




Winner- Hostgator

Both Hostgator and go daddy has a great plan, but there is a difference between the pricing. Hostgator has a more affordable price of the plans as compared to the Godaddy. And HostGator is also more reliable and affordable than Godaddy. Finally, Hostgator wins here

2. Performance and uptime (Hostgator vs Godaddy)

A. Hostgator

Hostgator has the best servers that can handle a huge amount of traffic. We also checked the performance of the HostGator.It has an accurate uptime guarantee of  99.9 %. And It is so true when we checked its uptime it’s exactly 99.9% with no downtime. Also, performance and speed are really good.


Hostgator vs Godaddy



Godaddy also guarantees 99.9% of uptime, Also claims the great performance and speed. So we also tested GoDaddy uptime according to this test Godaddy has 99.7% of uptime with zero downtime.





In the uptime test, the Hostgator has better uptime as compared to Godaddy. Finally, Hostgator is a clear winner here in the uptime guarantee.

3.Performance and speed (Hostgator vs Godaddy)


Below we tested the performance of Hostgator on the Pingdom tool, the performance of HostGator got grade B with 84 scores and load time of 2.27 seconds. Its page loading speed and performance actually have a good response in this tool.




Godaddy has overall good performance in comparison to its rivals. In our performance and speed test on the Pingdom tool, we found that GoDaddy actually has great performance grade with a B 81 score with a load time of 2.18 seconds performed pretty well.



Winner- Godaddy

Finally, in speed and performance tests, GoDaddy has better speed, performance and page load time than Hostgator. So Godaddy wins here clearly.


4.Features ( Hostgator vs Godaddy)

A. Hostgator

  • Hostgator has an incredible uptime guarantee of 99.9% makes its better than others.
  • It comes with an excellent C-panel with an amazing dashboard and gives greate user experience.
  •  It has a very low cost hosting plans as compared to others, and also reliable plans as well.
  • the company has a 45-days money-back guarantee for its new customers.
  • It has award-winning support and weekly site backups
  • Hostgator has flexible software alternatives and innovative functionality for customer’s websites.
  • In cloud hosting, it gives excellent intuitive dashboard and integrated caching.
  • Hostgator offers 24/7 technical support to the customers.
  • The company offers unmetered bandwidth and premium SEO services, to the users.

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B. Godaddy

  • Godaddy has the uptime of 99.75% it could be a little better but still great.
  • This company offers clean and easy to utilize C panel for their customers.
  • It has the ward winning security, protect customers website from spamming and hacking.
  • Godaddy offers daily and weekly backups depend on the plan chose by the customers.
  • It provides provision free updates to the customers.
  • It offers automatic backups to a cloud and one-click site restoration for security.
  • Offers unmetered data transfer and email marketing to the customers.
  • Godaddy is known as the world’s biggest domainer providing company.


Winner – Hostgator

According to the features offered by the bother hosting giants, both companies offers excellent services and features to the customers. But Godaddy seems to be a little backward in this race and HostGator leading the race with its best and incredible features. Eventually in Hostgator vs Godaddy features Comparision Hostgator is a crystal clear winner 

5. Money back policy (Godaddy vs Hostgator)

A. Hostgator

In its money back or refund policy, Hostgator has clearly mentioned the 45 days money-back guarantee. It means if any customer is not satisfied with the Hostgator,s services,  then, in that case, the customer can request for money refund within the 45 days after the product purchasing. But there are some conditions.

  1. The money will be refunded only when a cancellation request is completed, within 45 days.
  2. 45 days money-back-guarantee is not applicable for dedicated servers,
  3. This refund is only available for new customers it’s not applicable for existing customers.
  4. If you have taken the plan for 1 year with domain then 15 $will be charged from your refund.


B. Godaddy

Godaddy has two types of money back policies for its customers. Refund policy for yearly plans in this customer can get refunds within the 30 days after the transaction. The second one is the monthly plan money back policy this is applicable for only 48 hours. The customer has a time of only 48 hours to request and gets money refunds. In case if the customer is not satisfied with the Godaddy,s products or services then the customer care calling is necessary for the refund.

Winner- Hostgator

Hostgator and Godaddy both have given amazing and convenient refund or money back policies to the customer. But Godaddy has a very short interval of time for money refund, instead of that HostGator offers enough time to the customer to checkout and understand their services for a long interval of time. In this way again Hostgator s batter in this comparison than the Godaddy. So Hostgator wins here again.

6.Web Security (Hostgator vs Godaddy)

A. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the trusted web hosting company which provides strong security to a customer,s website. It has great security measures are taken for website protection are-

1. Hostgator provides excellent protection from DDOS attacks and provided tight security to the website.

2. Keeps customer,s password safe and secure.

3. Provides virus and malware scan for the website and protect the website against them completely.

4. It’s updated your website,s scrips and CMS to provide security against the cyberattacks.

5. It offers complete and consistent backup for the website.

6. It provides security to the website,s C-panel and keeps the login secure.

7. Provides the feature of site lock security for the website.



B. Godaddy

Goddy is a bigger giant in this hosting and domain registration industry and obviously it has the best and award-winning security. Godaddy offers a huge range of premium security plans for customers. Godaddy has various security measures  like,

1. Godaddy runs daily smart scan to the customer’s website and repair if find any issue.

2. It also provides protection against malware attacks and keeps the website more secure.

3.If google blacklists your website Godaddy alert you and helps you to get out of the google,s backlist.

4. It also provides security against the DDoS (distributed denials of services ) prevention.

5. Godaddy offers WAF security to the website.

6. It gives CDN boost to the website and increases it.

7. Hostgator protect the website from cross-site scripting and keep it safe.

8. It creates backup files during the cleanups.

Winner- Godaddy

In the security comparison of the Hostgator vs Godaddy, Both the companies have an end to end competition and both provide incredibly great security and safety measures to the customer,s website. In this comparison, Hostgator offers outstanding security features but Godaddy is doing the comparison here. As you can see above So Godaddy won this comparison for security measures.

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7. Customer,s Support (Godaddy vs Hostgator)

A. Hostgator

Hostgator provides outstanding and award-winning support to all its customers. They provide 24/7 support to the customers. The company has hired the best and skilled customer executives to help and solve the customer’s queries.

They have a unique feature of live chat where customers can talk to them anytime anywhere through chat. On the official website of HostGator at the bottom, there are customer portal, support portal, for customer help. Customers can talk with customer care on call without any hesitation. Hostgator has a ticketing system to help its customer

B. Godadddy

Godaddy is also offering global customer support. It has one of the best customer care services amongst the various hosting companies. If any customer would need any help their award-winning support team is 24/7 ready to help them and solve every problem too. You can also call them and resolve your issue.

Godaddy has a customer support team in almost every country with different languages available. They also have a feature of chat now for chatting, like Hostgator so get help anytime anywhere.

Winner -Hostgator

As you can see both have equal and award-winning customer support services. Both have a chatting feature, phone calls, emailing, But HostGator has a Ticketing system that lacks in Godaddy. So in this comparison, Hostgator is the winner.

Which one should I choose Hostgator Or Godaddy?

No doubt both are fantastic, and both have numerous amount of features. But if you want to choose the best hosting out of them. Then we recommend Hostgator, although GoDaddy is a great hosting services provider company and dominating other popular companies in this industry. But as you have seen her above Godaddy lacks in many features and services as compared to the Hostgator, That’s why we won,t recommend it to you.

Hostgator has better uptime,  Security, customer services, Pricing, and better features than GoDaddy. So you should choose Hostgator over Godaddy. And experience the best hosting services at affordable and reliable prices.


Conclusion-Final comparison

Hostgator vs Godaddy Hostgator dominated this comparison. We did the comparison on the basis of Prices, affordability, Uptime, Performance and speed, features, Security, Customer support. Refund or money back policy. Except for performance and security comparison, Hostgator dominated the Godaddy everywhere. That’s why Hostgator is the final winner of this comparison for the best hosting. So if you are confused between the two then go for the Hostgator undoubtedly and enjoy the excellent services.

The final winner of Hostgator vs Godaddy Is -Hostgator


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