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Love your melon discount code

Hey welcome here, are you exploring for the melon discount codes, and want to buy trending beanies, cool socks or colour full hand bands. Then this is the right place for you because we are offering real & working love your melon discount code and these are recently updated.

The discounts codes and offers are only available for new and existing customers of Love your melons. Before moving to the melon discounts codes and deals take brief about loving your melon. Stay tuned and get the free discount codes & offers.

love your melon coupon


Love your melon is an e-commerce online company with Inc. Certification which sells quality stuff like beanies, caps, hand bands, Socks, scarves and lots of more products are being sold by Love your melon. The company is situated the European country The  United States of America.



Love your melon was started by two university friends,  named as Brian & Zachary, with a very pure and positive purpose. They just wanted to help the children suffering from fatal disease cancer, in America. So figured out that they will cover the head of every cancer sufferer child by covering their heads by the hats. The whole idea was started in 2012.

In starting phase it was just a non-profitable organisation or maybe called as NGO. But soon it was succeeded at a commercial level. So in 2016, they registered this organisation as an entrepreneurial business. Made an annual Revenue more than 31 million USD in the year of 2017 was a huge success.

So after contributing more than 45000 hands to cancer suffering children, in the United States. This company decided to contribute 1 million dollars to the pediatric cancer research in America and to the families of cancer patients in coming years set a new target. Love your melon donated 50 % revenue to the funds of pediatric cancer patients and their families after paying their taxes. To get more information about this company you may check out here. Love your melon wiki.


Fresh Lover your melon discount code for 2020

Melon discount codediscontoffer
V@blangenek5 $ offat any order
@mbspooh30% offwith free shipping
the dealno discountfree shipping available
@_sophiahwanh1 % discountat any random order

Top verified love your melon coupon for existing users

Melon promo code -[@stephymarie89]

Apply this promo code in the redeeming sectio on the official website of lover your your melon

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LYM discount code -[@Ryan.C.Molina]

Order some headbands in bulk to get free discount from the Love your melon .Copy this promo code in order to get free 25 % off on purchasing headbands,Also after that get free surprise gifts .Don,t miss this promo code available for next 48 hours.

LYM – [Activate Deal]

Dicove the running deal on the offical loveyour and get 20 % off on your order.Grab the deal this only available for the existing users of LYM not for the new users.


LYM promo code – [FIRSTORDER]

Copy the promo code ,and get free shipping not charges on the overed item s.the promo code is used by lots of love your melon users,so its a verified passcode.Take advantage of it.Dot miss the oppertunity to save some money instead of paying money for shippping.

Love your melon discount code [V@blangenek]

Activate the given coupon code above and get a chance to save some money on your order.After activation of this promo code you will be able to save 10$ at any order ,Also you will be given free shipping facility ,one more benefit to use the code,Hurry up don,t miss the chance before it expires.


latest Love your melon discount codes & deals 2020

LYM -[Free Deal]

Explore the deal and get huge discount of 50 % on offered deal ,the deal will get closed after one week so if you are thinking you purchase a item from love your melon its not a bad deal to get discount in your pocket.

Love your melon -[Activate deal]

Ths deal s really incredible deal,and one of the best deal ever.In this deal  is offering by one get one one offer to their lovely customers.Purchase  item from love your melon and get another item free to your home.The is will be here for next month,explore the deal and enjoy the free item.

love your melon coupon-[@dirty_pretty_07]

Purchase any random item and get free discount according to the purchased item sitewide.The code has some issue so it may some for some users or may not work for some users,so don,t get desparate. Apply the code before it gets deactivate,And enjoy your discount from love your melon.Further get some free gifts .

Melon discount code -[@mbspooh]

Activate the featured discount code and get free 30% discount on what you have ordered from love love melon.Also win a chance to get free gits from them.Don,t miss the chance.Copy the code soon ,offer is valid upto this week only get it fast.

Free shipping code – [@_sophiahwanh]

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love your melon discount code

Love your melon free shipping & love your melon free shipping code


Melon free shipping discount code -[@bailey_lynn29]

Copy the promo code and get free shipping at any random order made from love your melon. And also get a 10 % off discount at item what you want you to buy from here. Check out the coupon code now before it gets late for you.


Melon free shipping code – [@naaatttaalie]

Copy the coupon code an get free shipping another freebie is saving 5$on that product purchased by you. The coupon code is available for the next 24 hours. After that, this will get deactivated automatically. So hurry up. Also, the code is valid for existing users.

LYM -[Free shipping deal]

No promo code is needed for this deal, love your melon is offering a great deal to the new customers in America. The deal is for new users, sign up for the first time at the official website love your melon and buy the item of your choice. After purchasing the item get free shipping of that item for your free sign up.

Love your melon free shipping code -[@NATORINERD]

Copy the promo code in the redeem section while purchasing your first product, and get free delivery & free melon shipping. Also, get a chance to win some free gifts, All along with the promo code. To get the maximum benefits to using the promo code now, during the validity time after that it will get expired.

 Why Love your melon

The company is in the United States, so it manufactures its products in America. The products made by love your melon are quality rich, valuable and also the guaranteed. They use very high-quality cotton in their products, So it does not cause any harm to cancer suffering children. And also they use the only cotton to make these products.

Love your melon is top listed by Forbes it has Inc. & Vogue etc. These are the top magazines’ companies in the world. So it is very popular and one of the repetitive companies in the market with values. Love your melon is contributing their 50 % revenue to the cancer-fighting children, in America, its a big philanthropy.

Earn rewards with the Melon mafia

Melon mafia is a unique program held by love your melon company to raise more help to pediatric cancer suffering children. So its a community of people which is also meant with the purpose of raising awareness against cancer. So join the melon mafia program and share your unique referral code to code your family and buddies.

If someone purchases anything through your shared link you will get some points in your melon mafia account. Collectively these credit points will leads you to exclusive & surprising rewards gifts by this company. When your code is applied by one user you will get a beanie as a gift.

Suppose in another case your code got applied for 3 times you will receive a pom beanie as a reward, further if your promo code will be used by 5 customers then you will be gifted by beautiful infinity scarf. Go immediately join and earn some rewards, and get exciting gifts.

How to save money with love your melon discount code

Save your money with the help of love your melon discount code in 2019. If you are new or existing lover your melon customer these promo codes will help you to get some discount and cashback and thus they will help you o save some money back in your pocket on your purchased item. Follow these steps to save money.

First resister with loving your melon and create your account before shopping officially.pick the promo code from here of your own choice. Paste it down while making a purchase from the official website, Remember don’t just paste it down the promo code anywhere paste the code in only redeeming code area only. Only then you will get your discount credited, it may be in the form of points.

What I can shop

Here is the list of various categories and items available at the store of loving your melon, it will help you to explore some more, below check them out –

  • HATS
  • CAPS

Melon free gifts

If you are confused that is there any gifts program in the company, then here is the answer yes you can get free surprise gifts from melon, this program is pursued by the corporate partners of the company. If you want to b the part of the corporate gift program then you can register and join the program, if you want to be the part of this program you must select a gift with good quality which supports the terms of pediatric cancer r must be in favour of pediatric cancer. The choice is all yours. You can also use love your melon discount code to get free gifts.

More deals & offers

There are the other ways to get more deals and offers from love your melon. One out of them is following or join their social media. By joining the official social media account of this company you can get continuous updates about there deals & offers. Or join the community of the love your melon communities made by their users, where they share promo codes to save money. Follow them on these different platforms

You tube







Reviews about love your melon

The comments shown below are taken from the verified customers of loving your melon figure out what they say about it –

Bethany D.

commented that,

love your melon is great I loved their products.amazing products and mission.

Julie G

wrote about love your melon,

I just love head bands made by love your melon,its incredible ,the service is so quick and shipping fast too.What i just loved about the company is the purpose and quality of their products .The products made by them are made up of very fine quality materials.thanks so so much.

Ann S

said that.

Services are excellent ,I am waiting to see the golden colour of cancer children on the hand bands.I just ordered two no, of head bands from love your melon,for for myself and another for my daughter.Also my great wishes keep doing the great work work

,I will regularly keep ordering in future from love your melon,what a product made by you. its my pleasure using your products, espcially the head band.Also the customer support provided by them is great,have great customer support team,love you love your melon.

Melon customer support

Love your melon has one of the most professional and sincere customer executive all over the world,They are ready to help you 24\7 to solve your problem.If you have any query or any problem related to your products or company they will guide you ,and help you.You can contact them easily from here-

You can either massage them or you can click on the contact button given on the right corner of the official page and contact them.

Return and Refund

Love your melon has its return and refund policy. In any case, if you dint like the item or if are delivered with the faulted item, hen you can contact them and easily replace the item.but if you don’t want t to replace the item then you can return it within 30 days after purchasing get your money refunded within one week.


In any random can if the code does not work then don’t panic, retry the promo code and check out again Further You can go for other love your melon promo code, which will definitely work you. Or you can comment down we will try to replace the promo code as soon as possible.

Thank you for your visit.



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